Little Mo 20° Down Baby Sleeping Bag

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Take your baby anywhere you want to go with a 20° Down Baby Sleeping Bag from Morrison Outdoors.

Designed to help parents sleep easier in any season, our 20° down sleep sacks provide the perfect environment for little ones as young as 6 months old, up to around 24 months.


Our down-insulated sleep sacks use premium 800 fill power down and thick internal baffles to create a sleeping bag with an estimated 20°F (-7°C) temperature rating


Safety is our top priority. Our design meets all SAFE sleep guidelines so that we can be your best option for infant safety while camping. 


The Little Mo 20° weighs less than 9 ounces (245g) and packs down to around the size of a water bottle.

Your Best Option for SAFE Baby Sleep in the Outdoors 

The Baby Sleeping Bag is designed to meet all AAP SAFE Sleep guidelines. It has no hood or drawstrings, and the snug, soft collar keeps babies from slipping inside.

Made With The Best Materials

Premium Insulation

The Morrison Outdoors Baby Sleeping Bag with Down Fill uses only certified top-quality 800 fill power goose down insulation, providing outstanding warmth for minimal weight.

Exceptional Fabric

Premium 1.1oz ripstop nylon with baby-safe waterproofing provides excellent accident-resistance while maintaining breathability. 

Machine Washable

Down requires special care in general but our sleeping bags are designed to be machine washable. Occasional cleaning with down-safe cleaners will help keep the down-insulated sleeping bags looking brand new.

Tremendous Value

The Morrison Outdoors Baby Sleeping Bag with Down Fill has more authentic goose down insulation than many expensive adult-sized jackets at a price-per-gram comparable to adult-sized sleeping bags. 

Incredible Warmth

The Secret is in the Baffles

Our Baby Sleeping Bags with Down Fill are designed with thick "baffles" (essentially walls between fabric layers). This allows the insulation to expand and trap a substantial amount of heat between your baby and the outside air. 

Most snowsuits and jackets are "sewn-through," meaning the two sides of fabric are sewn together with no insulation along the seams.

Draft Tube

An oversized draft tube runs directly behind the zipper to keep air from escaping.  

Enclosed Footbox

Our fully-enclosed footbox keeps little toes at their warmest.