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With options for down and hypoallergenic insulation, our patent-pending Baby Sleeping Bags are designed to keep every baby cozy and warm from 6 to 24 months old.

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Meet Morrison.

When Morrison was born, we looked forward to hiking and camping together as a family. But we quickly found a question without a great answer: what should my baby sleep in when it gets cold at night? 

After many months of testing, tweaking, sewing, and stuffing, we're proud to introduce the Morrison Outdoors Baby Sleeping Bag: the warmest, comfiest, and safest option available for camping with babies up to 24 months old. 

Designed for safe, comfortable sleep

  • Warm and Cozy

    We've used premium 800 fill power down and overstuffed  2.5" baffles to create a sleeping bag with an estimated 20°F (-7°C) temperature rating.

  • Ultra Light

    Babies and toddlers are heavy enough already. Our sleeping bags weigh less than one pound and pack down so small you'll forget you're even carrying it.

  • SAFE for All

    Safety is our top priority. We've strived to meet all SAFE sleep guidelines and to be your best option for infant safety while camping. 


How do you determine the 20° temperature rating?

Great question! Our unofficial 20°F (-7°C) temperature rating is estimated based on the thickness of the down insulation and on our own real-world testing. By using thick "baffles" (walls of fabric) between layers, we are able to trap a substantial amount of warmth between the child and the outside air.

All children should wear appropriate base layers and a warm hat in cold weather, and that is reflected in this estimate as well. Keep in mind this is an estimate only and that a child's warmth while sleeping can be affected by many variables that parents should monitor.

Why can't my baby sleep wrapped up in layers of clothes? Or a snowsuit?

They can - if it's warm enough - and we've done that ourselves. But it's not very comfortable for the baby and it can be difficult to get in and out of. Many layers added up are also bulky to pack and heavy to carry.

Snowsuits are designed for movement and are typically sewn-through, meaning there is no insulation along the seams. They lack the thickness to keep warm in cold weather once your body is asleep. Many snowsuits also have hoods, which pose a risk to young babies.

Besides, what would you rather sleep in: a full-body snowsuit, or a thick down sleeping bag?

What materials are used in the Baby Sleeping Bag?

Our sleeping bags are designed using premium materials for a luxurious-feeling sleep experience. The outer shell is a buttery-soft 1.1 oz ripstop nylon, treated to provide baby-safe, breathable water resistance against spills and accidents. Between each layer is premium 800 fill power down, providing maximum warmth at minimal weight. 

We're constantly evaluating and upgrading the materials used in our sleeping bags. The final product delivered may have slightly different components then those shown here, but any changes at this point would only be made because we believe it to be an even further upgrade from what is currently in place.

What if my child has an accident inside the sleeping bag?

Diaper blowouts and upset tummies are never fun, whether at home or in the tent. Our Baby Sleeping Bags are treated with a baby-safe coating to help repel moisture and resist staining, while still maintaining breathability. They're also machine-washable with cold water, using a gentle cycle. 

If an accident does occur, do your best to blot the stain and remove as much moisture as possible from the insulation. Change your young one into dry sleep clothes and they should be warm and comfortable for the rest of the night. 

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