USED Little Mo 20° Down Baby Sleeping Bag (6-24 Months)

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Color - Moss Green

Take your baby anywhere you want to go with the award-winning Little Mo 20° Baby Sleeping Bag.

Designed to help parents rest easier in colder temperatures, our 20° down-insulated sleep sacks provide the perfect sleep environment for little ones as young as 6 months old, up to 24 months old.

This is a pre-owned bag. Condition: Excellent-Good. 

Our preowned bags will need to be washed before being worn but all are in good working condition. May come with possible cosmetic defects including small scuffs, stains and minor rips that have been repaired. 

Retail price: $159.95. 

Age Range: 6-24 Months

Best Use: Backpacking

Temperature Range: 20°F to 60°F / -6°C to 15°C

Length: 32" / 81cm

Weight: 9oz / 245g

Sleeves: Closed

Shell Material: 100% Ripstop Nylon

Insulation: 650 fill-power RDS-Certified White Duck Down

Fill Weight: 4.7oz / 133g

Safe Sleep Checklist

Safe Sleep Checklist to Help Prevent SIDS and Suffocation:

✓ Always place baby on back to sleep.

✓ Never place loose bedding and soft objects in the baby’s sleeping area.

✓ Never place an infant 15 months and younger to sleep on an inflatable mattress.

✓ Provide a separate sleep surface for your baby.

Using your Little Mo 20°

For ages 6 – 24 months.

For ambient temperatures from 40°F to 60°F (4°C to 15°C).

1) Dress your baby in normal sleepwear.

2) Place baby in baby sleeping bag with arms in the sleeves.

3) Zip closed. If baby is sweating, hot to touch, or showing other signs of overheating, take off baby sleeping bag.

4) Remove from baby’s sleep area when not worn or fully zipped. Never place baby sleeping bag under baby, over baby, or in sleep area unless the child is wearing it. WARNING! Babies can suffocate on loose, soft, plush items.

5) Be sure you have a good grip on baby before lifting or carrying.

6) Keep far away from campfire and ignition sources.

Cleaning your Little Mo 20°

Zip closed before laundering. Machine wash cold with like colors gentle cycle in a front-loading washer. Use mild powdered detergent. Rinse at least twice. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Tumble dry low with 2 clean tennis balls. Remove and fluff after each cycle. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

Little Mo 20°

The original, award-winning baby sleeping bag. Warm, packable, and ready for adventure.

Safety First

Our Baby Sleeping Bags are designed to meet all AAP-recommended Guidelines for SAFE Infant Sleep so that we can be your best option for infant safety while camping or backpacking.

They have no hoods or drawstrings, and the snug, soft collar is designed to keep babies from potentially slipping inside.


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