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Family Bikepacking Gear List

Family Bikepacking Gear List

Family Bikepacking Gear List

Now that you have some inspiration and a better idea of how to find a bikepacking trail near you, what comes next? Gathering your gear, of course! We made this handy general bikepacking gear list to get you started. You can use this as a launching point and add in any extra items you may need based on the length of your trip, the projected weather forecast, and your family’s needs. We mentioned some recommended brands throughout the list to give you an idea of the gear we love and trust.

Family Bikepacking Gear List from Morrison Outdoors

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Gear Up and Get Out There!

This list may seem like a lot, but trust us, you’ll want to be prepared for whatever nature has in store. If the thought of outfitting your family with bikepacking gear seems a little intimidating, you won't want to miss our ultimate bikepacking giveaway! Running from August 10-17, seven lucky winners will walk away with some awesome bikepacking gear from brands we love, including a grand prize totaling over $3,000 in gear!

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