Brands We Love: Trail Magik

Brands We Love: Trail Magik

Brands We Love: Trail Magik

Over the past 4 years or so, we have gotten the privilege to work with and get to know the people behind some pretty incredible outdoor organizations. Whether they sell products we love or provide programs for families to enjoy the outdoors, the main thing they all have in common is a passion for making it easier for everyone to get out in nature, especially families. We want to share these amazing organizations with you in our "Brands We Love" blog series.

We're kicking things off with one of our favorite companies: Trail Magik! The birth story of Trail Magik kid carriers sounds eerily similar to our own. They couldn’t find outdoor gear to fit their family’s adventure needs, so they took it upon themselves to create a solution for their own kiddos. This blossomed into navigating a startup company that fills a gap in outdoor adventure gear for families with young kids.

Katie, one of the founders of the Trail Magik Child Carrier, shares their company mission, and why their product makes it easier for families to explore nature together.

Woman with a smiling in a Trail Magik child carrier attached to her hiking backpack

What is the Mission of Trail Magik?

Trail Magik's mission is to be another incredible tool in a parent's toolbelt that inspires, empowers, and enables parents to explore the world!

Why are you passionate about the outdoors and getting families into nature?

A few reasons! First, for all of us parents who LOVED outdoor adventures BEFORE kids... we need to keep our soul and spirit alive! We want to share our love for nature with our children, that's how fishing skills and backpacking memories are made!

And secondly, for every single parent out there raising young children, whether you loved the outdoors before you were a parent or not, studies show how important nature is when it comes to mental and emotional health. Inspiring families to raise their children outside (at the park or in the mountains)...that's what we're here to do.

A family of 5 in a scenic outdoor landscape with a toddler being carried in a Trail Magik kid carrier attached to a hiking backpack

How does your product get families outdoors?

The Trail Magik is not only the ultimate kid carrier for backpacking families, but it is the ultimate kid carrier for that special stage in life with a toddler. You know that stage, when your kid is not hiking on their own 100% of the time, but they need frequent breaks. No parent wants to carry around a big bulky kid carrier only to use it 20-30% of the time... that's where the Trail Magik comes in pretty handy! It clips right onto your hiking pack when your kiddo needs a break, and folds up small when not in use.

A woman carrying a bookie board and a child along the beach in a Trail Magik child carrier attached to a hiking backpack

Want to Know More?

Check out the Trail Magik website for more information on their kid carrier and other products!

If you’re in the area, come meet us both at the Big Gear Show in Denver, CO, on June 8 – 11. Morrison Outdoors and Trail Magik will have booths right next to each other where you can check out our gear for adventurous families. We hope to see you there!

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