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Spring Social Giving Update: Announcing HikeitBaby as our Featured Partner

Spring Social Giving Update: Announcing HikeitBaby as our Featured Partner

What started as our solution to the problem of keeping young ones warm while camping has blossomed into providing comfortable, safe sleeping bags for children as young as 6 months up to 6 years old. We even have an option for adults now too! We are so grateful for the support from our early Kickstarter backers and all of our customers who have trusted us to make a quality product for their youngest campers. Your support has enabled us to give back to some incredible organizations throughout the last 3+ years.

Within the first year of launching our sleeping bags, we made the choice to join the Pledge 1% Movement and formalized our commitment to giving back as part of our business model. This movement challenges companies to donate 1% of their revenue, product, or employee time (or all three) to support local nonprofit organizations.

“It's important to us that we give back to the world that supports us. Pledge 1% makes it easy to honor that commitment by making sure that we are always donating to charitable causes, whether a little or a lot, in good times and bad.” – Tavis Malcolm, Founder of Morrison Outdoors

Through this incredible movement, we commit to giving back 1% of revenue, product, and/or time to charitable causes each year. We’re excited to announce that our Pledge 1% recipient for April-June will be Hike it Baby!

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What is Hike it Baby?

Hike it Baby is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that strives to create a world where everyone can enjoy the physical and mental benefits of spending time outside in nature. Their focus centers on creating opportunities and removing barriers to access so all families with babies and young children can take their first steps outside.

They believe all families have the right to connect with nature, benefit from spending time outdoors, and be inspired to a lifelong love of nature. Since its grassroots inception in 2013 by founder Shanti Hodges, Hike it Baby is a growing community of 280,000 families and over 300 volunteer Branch Ambassadors.

Hike it Baby is made up of three main programs. They have community-led events, the Bring it Outside program which helps families build a habit of getting outside, despite challenges, and the Turn the Blues Green program which supports new parents in going outside as soon as their baby is born.

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In support of this wonderful organization, we are directing a portion of every sale made in April, May, and June to help Hike it Baby reach their goal of creating more opportunities for families to enjoy the mental and physical benefits of spending time in nature. As an added bonus, a portion of every resale that goes through our exchange program is donated to Hike it Baby from our partners Rerouted.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, and we are proud to support organizations that share this mindset! Check out the Hike it Baby website for more information, and to find branches and events near you!

Cover Photo Credit: Deanna Curry