Spring Social Giving Update - Announcing OutGrown as Our Featured Partner

Spring Social Giving Update - Announcing OutGrown as Our Featured Partner

Spring Social Giving Update - Announcing OutGrown as Our Featured Partner

Every quarter, we choose a different organization that is near and dear to our hearts as our Pledge 1% recipient. The Pledge 1% Movement challenges companies to donate 1% of their revenue, product, or employee time (or all three) to support local nonprofit organizations. This Spring quarter, we are excited to announce OutGrown as our Pledge 1% recipient.

“It's important to us that we give back to the world that supports us. Pledge 1% makes it easy to honor that commitment by making sure that we are always donating to charitable causes, whether a little or a lot, in good times and bad.” – Tavis Malcolm, Founder of Morrison Outdoors

OutGrown is a wonderful 501(c)(3) non-profit organization centered on supporting young families to feel comfortable, capable, and ready to reap the benefits of time in nature with their little ones. We sat down with their Executive Director, Jessica Carillo Alatorre, to discuss how OutGrown is empowering families with young children to embrace the outdoors.

The Logo for the nonprofit organization OutGrown

What is the Mission of OutGrown?

OutGrown is a national nonprofit that supports families with babies and children to connect and spend time in nature together.  We envision a future where every family enjoys and protects the natural world, and values nature experiences as essential for well-being. Together, we're building a generation that loves the outdoors, ensuring equitable access to nature's benefits for health, happiness, and sustainability from birth and fostering a lifelong love and stewardship for the environment.

Why Should We Start With Young Families?

Traditionally, outdoor and nature-based programming doesn’t really start until pre-K or later. Yet, from birth to three, the infant brain is making over 1 MILLION neuronal connections PER SECOND! Caregivers are also undergoing a transformation in their own brains and are more open to new ideas, habits, and opportunities.

This is a pivotal moment when we can capture multiple generations within one service population - families with young children. By giving them an opportunity to have positive, welcoming experiences in the outdoors, we are helping them foster a lifelong connection with nature. We protect what we love.


A group of children smiling and sitting on a log on a forested trail
Photo Credit: Children & Nature Network

What Programs, Events, or Resources Do You Provide for the Community? 

Our three core programs address the unique barriers many families face due to cultural, socio-economic, and experiential differences:

  • Turn The Blues Green, which helps families know that it is both good and safe to go outside with a newborn and that getting outside and making friends are two great ways to overcome symptoms of the baby blues and postpartum depression.
  • Bring it Outside focuses on community partnerships that create co-designed how-to workshops and outings for marginalized and under-resourced communities. It includes multi-lingual, culturally relevant resources, free gear, and participation in community events to help connect with and support rural, BIPOC, and immigrant & refugee community members to lower barriers and increase access and connection to the outdoors.
  • Hike it Baby offers a free online platform with community-led outings, a family trail guide full of family-friendly outdoor places like parks and trails, and a place where community members can connect and find inspiration and support to get outside with their little ones.


Raising a Generation to Love the Outdoors and Each Other

Becoming a parent is a big life change that is both amazing and overwhelming, all at once. Spending time outside can be such a simple way to have positive, healthy connections as a family, yet many people don't have the connection with nature or comfort to feel like they can do it, especially with a baby. OutGrown offers families a welcoming space with the support, knowledge, and community they need to build their confidence to explore outside together, in whatever ways they choose. We believe that over time, these baby steps can turn into lifelong impacts, helping our children connect to the importance of the greater ecosystem we are all part of and responsible for caring for if we want a healthier, better future for generations to come.


Four children smiling while hanging out in a tent outdoors

Photo Credit: Jessica Human

In support of this awesome organization, we are directing a portion of every sale made in April, May, and June to help OutGrown reach their goal of creating more opportunities for families to enjoy the mental and physical benefits of spending time in nature.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, and we are proud to support organizations that share this mindset! Check out the OutGrown website for more information, and to find events happening near you!


Cover Photo Credit: Jenn Canjar