Supporting Incredible Mom-Led Brands This Women-Led Wednesday

Supporting Incredible Mom-Led Brands This Women-Led Wednesday

Supporting Incredible Mom-Led Brands This Women-Led Wednesday

Have you heard of Women-Led Wednesday? Much like Small-Business Saturday, it’s an annual holiday that encourages people to shop from and support women-led brands. Check out their website for more information and a directory of some awesome women-led brands.

Taking the plunge to start a business is tough for anyone. You’re forced to juggle every aspect of the fledgling business, the hours are long, and the payoff is small at first, but you keep going. Now add in motherhood and a family to support, and you’re stretching towards superhuman status.

However, mothers have a way of solving problems and juggling the numerous hats they wear far better than should be possible. This is part of what makes them so awesome at coming up with solutions and products that make life easier, especially for other families. That’s why we are focusing on those moms who have put their heart and soul into creating outdoor gear for families that make it possible for them to form lasting memories while exploring nature together.

They are filling in those gaps in family-friendly adventure gear, and inspiring others to do the same. Whether it’s clothing for adventurous pregnant and nursing moms, quality gear for nature-loving kids, or innovative solutions for outdoorsy families, these mothers and families have risen to the occasion, creating high-quality products to make life easier for fellow adventure families.

Join us in applauding and supporting these innovative mothers this Women-Led Wednesday… and every other day of the year!

Adventure Board

The founders of Adventure Board hiking with their family next to the Adventure Board

The Adventure Board was created by a wife and husband team who truly understand the importance of keeping kids active and healthy while minimizing the amount of gear needed to do so. Their inflatable board comes in three sizes, is super durable and stable, and can be easily transported wherever your adventure takes you. It can be used in tons of different ways, from a paddle raft, springboard, slip-and-slide, sled, slide, etc. They are deeply committed to nurturing sustainable, portable, and creative outdoor play experiences for the whole family.

Arctic Lynx

The founder of Arctic Lynx hiking in a snowy landscape and the maternity outdoor leggings she created

Arctic Lynx Maternity is owned by a mom who is passionate about encouraging and supporting other women to stay active and outside during pregnancy and motherhood. Their maternity baselayers are made to be worn as a first layer in cold temps or by themselves in warmer temps. They are made from synthetic materials to keep her comfortable and dry while continuing her adventurous lifestyle during pregnancy.

Aurora Heat

The founders of Aurora Heat wearing parkas in a snowy landscape next to an image of their product

The founder and president of Aurora Heat tapped into her family’s heritage and traditional ways to keep families warm using natural and sustainable materials. Their hand, foot, and body warmers are handmade by indigenous artisans, everlasting, and naturally biodegradable. You’ll never have to worry about them overheating or running out of heat, and their hypoallergenic qualities make them safe for sensitive skin.

Evrwild Kayaks

The founders of Evrwild hiking with their family next an image of the kids kayak they created

Evrwild Kayaks is a family-owned business brought to life by a wife-husband duo who couldn’t find the high-quality gear they envisioned for their kids (especially youth kayaks). Instead of settling for the kayak options available, they rose to the challenge by creating a kid-centric kayak with features kids love and the quality parents want, and it’s made right here in the USA. Their mission is to encourage kids to explore, learn, and grow their love of nature through kayaking.


The owners of Iksplor hiking with their kids next to the Merino Wool base layers they created

What do you get when you take two sisters with a passion for the outdoors and turn them into mothers who want to continue adventuring while keeping their kiddos comfortable? You get the creation of Iksplor! They use only sustainably sourced merino wool to create high-quality base layers and accessories for the whole family. They even make a nursing top that allows mothers to stay warm while nourishing their little ones!


The founders of Wanderling backpacking next to their Confluence Babywearing Jacket

Created by a mom of 3, the Wanderling company strives to make life easier for moms by alleviating the stress and worry that comes with keeping babies warm while outside in rain, snow, wind, and cold temperatures. Their innovative Confluence Babywearing Jacket has a zip-off panel that allows caregivers to front carry or back carry their little ones, or completely remove the panel for a comfy windproof, waterproof, breathable jacket for mom.


The founders of Wildelore hiking with an image of the All Phases Sweater next to them

The outdoor industry hasn’t always been “mother-friendly”. Especially when it comes to clothing for pregnancy and postpartum. The founder of Wildelore discovered this during her own pregnancy and set out to do something about it. With the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign, adventurous moms-to-be now have access to the All Phases Fleece Sweater. This incredible sweater can be worn pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy (with helpful side zippers to accommodate a growing baby bump), postpartum (with a handy chest zipper for easy nursing), and beyond.

Up and Coming: Babygami

The Collapsible Baby Bottle from Babygami

Babygami was founded by two moms who enjoyed life outside with their kids, but quickly learned it wasn't easy to juggle both the kids and all the necessities that come with them. They have created a silicone collapsible baby bottle that can grow with little ones, transforming from a bottle to a sippy cup to a snack bottle with different attachments. This product is still in the development phase, but we wanted to include it here so you can keep an eye out for their crowdfunding campaign coming soon.

Supporting Innovative Mothers This Women-Led Wednesday

These mothers are revolutionizing the outdoor industry, making it easier for families of all kinds to get outside and reap the many benefits of time in nature. We look forward to the future, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next!