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What It's Like Traveling the United States With a Baby | Trip Report #5

What It's Like Traveling the United States With a Baby | Trip Report #5

What It's Like Traveling the United States With a Baby | Trip Report #5

The Trip Report series features real stories from real families adventuring with their kids and babies. Have a story you want to share? Email us at

In March 2019, my family and I sold all our stuff and moved into an RV. I know what you are thinking and, yes, I think we are a little crazy too.

Hi, my name is Holly Miner from @TheMarvelousMiners on Instagram. What is it like living in 350 square feet full-time while traveling the United States with a toddler?

It's fantastic!

Our Experience Traveling With a Toddler

Toddler Jack on the beach.

Our experience traveling with Jack has been nothing but great. Sure, we all have bad days, but I'd choose a bad day at a waterfall over staring at the same wall in my house every day. The benefits far outweigh any negatives.

Jack has adjusted quickly to full-time traveling and even asks when we are going to the next playground, meaning RV park. He spends more time outdoors, which means lots of vitamin D to keep him healthy.

Honestly, life isn't too different than when we owned a house. Our house was so big that we spent more time indoors. Now, with our RV, we spend lots of time outdoors hiking, swimming, exploring, and learning about the area. Jack doesn't have to learn from just books, but he can see the objects in real life.

Traveling in this way has made things a lot easier for us because our home is always an hour or so away. If we decide to venture off for the day and we forget something, no worries. 

When we look for a campground, we try to find the ones with playgrounds because those attract families, which means playmates for Jack. He has a secure connection with us and gets to play with so many friends.

How We Handle Bedtime

Inside RV while traveling with a toddler.

The outside world is often changing for Jack, but in the RV, it always stays the same, and he can keep his routine. We wanted to be able to give him that stable environment but also continue to travel.

RV's are the best of both worlds: he has his room, with all of his toys, books, and his blankets.

We are actually looking to upgrade to a fifth wheel so that Jack will have more of his own space. He will have a toddler bed and everything! So, excited about that.

How We Balance RV Living and Personal Space

Enjoying the view with a toddler a backpack.

Since we don't have grandparents 30 minutes away, Jason and I rely on one another for personal space. We know each other really well now from living in a small space, so Jason and I know when we need it.

Yesterday, for instance, Jason expressed interest in needing some space. Jack and I packed up the Jeep and headed out on an adventure. We went to a lookout point on Wolf Creek Pass and yelled echo for 15 minutes. After that, we drove down to the bottom of the pass and hiked 250 ft up to a waterfall. We hiked down, drove back, picked up a fun snack, and met back up with Jason who was fully re-energized from his alone time.

When you don't have outside help you have to work together to get that space. Communication is key in a small space.

How the Cost of RV Living Compares to Our Old Lifestyle

Mom, Dad, and Toddler with the RV.

Honestly, it can depend. The RV lifestyle can be more expensive if you only go to high-end resort parks and if you only stay in parks.

Our first year traveling we never boondocked. We exclusively stayed at medium-priced parks and it was almost the same as being in our house.

Honestly, I'd rather pay the same amount and still live this lifestyle. In our home, we only got 2 weeks of vacation, with this lifestyle we're always out and about.

However, this year has been very different. We are boondocking (free camping on BLM land) a lot more and our savings account is growing rapidly. That's the beauty of living this lifestyle, it can fit anyone's needs no matter what they are.

I know people that have only boondocked. The land is free and all they have to pay for (if they have to pay it) is the note on their RV. Which, by the way, is 4 times less than what we paid on our house. Either way, equal, less, or more, I would pick traveling like this over living in a house.

We Love Traveling In an RV With a Baby

Our journey with Jack in an RV traveling full-time is going more than excellent. Jack enjoys the ever-changing landscapes, and we have seen so much positive growth from him as a little human.

If you are considering traveling more often with your young kids, please do it. You won't regret it, and the memories you will make will last you for a lifetime. Watching Jack play in the beach sand for the first time was unforgettable.

You have the thumbs up from The Marvelous Miners, we say get out there and adventure!

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