The Morrison Outdoors Story

What should our baby wear camping?

When we were getting ready for our first camping trip with a baby, we ran into a common problem for parents: we didn’t know what he was going to sleep in.

So, we did what a lot of parents do, and we bundled him up in everything we could find.

The weekend was fun, but he was clearly uncomfortable, and we had no way to know if he was really warm or not.

It got us thinking: why can't he have a sleeping bag like ours?

The First Prototype

The first version was simple: 2 down throw blankets, sewn together in the shape of a sleep sack, with a zipper down the front. Not very technical, but enough to get us backpacking.

That first trip to Indian Peaks Wilderness, CO, was one we won't soon forget. One night, the bears got the bear bag!

It also solidified that this insulated sleep sack idea really worked. Did other parents want to backpack with their babies?

Launching on Kickstarter

We decided it was worth the risk to find out if anyone was interested in buying a sleeping bag for their baby.

After spending most of a winter sewing prototypes in our cold Denver garage, we launched our idea for the "Morrison Outdoors Baby Sleeping Bag" on Kickstarter in February of 2019. 

Looking back on our homemade Kickstarter video, we are more grateful than ever for the support of our early backers.

Click here to watch the video.

Landing In Stores

In fall of 2019, we made our first appearance in REI stores. It was a pretty epic feeling, seeing them on shelves for the first time.

This year, you'll find our sleeping bags in more than 80 stores across the US and Canada, including REI, Scheels, and MEC.

Our Pledge To Give Back

At the end of our first year, we couldn't help but reflect on how fortunate we were to have turned our passion for camping into a full-time gig.

We joined the Pledge 1% movement that same year and have donated 1% of all sales to charitable causes ever since.

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Growing Together

In the 5 years since we started, we have continued to develop new sizes, improve our sleeping bags, and champion adventurous parents everywhere.

Like a child going to kindergarten, we have grown, stumbled, and learned a lot in the years since that first camping trip. Thanks for being a part of the journey.