Little Mo Baby Sleeping Bags run 32" (81cm) from the shoulder to the bottom of the bag and are designed to accommodate up to the 95th% for height in 24-month-old toddlers.

Our unofficial estimated temperature ratings are estimated based on the thickness of the insulation and on our own real-world testing. By surrounding the baby using thick channels of insulation, we are able to trap a substantial amount of warmth between the child and the outside air.

In addition, all children should wear appropriate base layers and a warm hat in cold weather, and that is reflected in this estimate as well. Keep in mind this is an estimate only and that a child's warmth while sleeping can be affected by many variables that parents should monitor.

They can - if it's warm enough - and we've done that ourselves. But it's not very comfortable for the baby and it can be difficult to get in and out of. Many layers added up are also bulky to pack and heavy to carry.

Snowsuits are designed for movement and are typically sewn-through, meaning there is no insulation along the seams. They lack the thickness to keep warm in cold weather once your body is asleep. Many snowsuits also have hoods, which pose a risk to young babies.

Besides, what would you rather sleep in: a full-body snowsuit, or a thick and cozy sleeping bag?

Our Baby Sleeping Bags are only for use with children above 6 months of age. Please refer to our Usage Instructions and Safe Sleep Checklist for more information. 

Diaper blowouts and upset tummies are never fun, whether at home or in the tent.

All Morrison Outdoors sleeping bags are machine washable to help you get the most out of your sleeping bag. If an accident does occur, do your best to blot the stain immediately and remove as much moisture as possible from the insulation. Make sure your child always has spare, dry sleep clothes available.

Once you are home, follow the care directions on each sleeping bag for machine-washing instructions.